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Halted Your Home Buying Due to The Pandemic? Use This Time to Finalize Your Wishlist

Halted Your Home Buying Due to The Pandemic? Use This Time to Finalize Your Wishlist

If you’re one of those who planned to buy your “dream home” early this year but decided to put it off for now due to various reasons related to the coronavirus pandemic, chances are, you’re still checking homes online.

And now that we’re spending more time inside following stay-at-home orders, we’re getting to know more about our current place. We’re seeing our homes in a new light—getting familiar with the features that work and don’t work for us and our families. 

So as you continue to window shop real estate, why not take this time to evaluate the features of your current home to better understand what you want in your next one? It might be difficult to find the perfect place right off the bat, but by having a list of your must-haves ready, it’ll be a huge advantage as you check for listings online. Your move might be delayed and you’re stuck where you are now because of the ongoing health crisis, but it’s a silver lining knowing there’s a perfect place for you out there.

To help you finalize your next home’s wishlist, here’s a list of guide questions so you can make up your mind about what you really like and don’t like about your current home:


In general:

What’s the one thing you like the most about your current home?


Due to quarantine, is there something you realized you hate about your place? How does it affect you?


If you could rate your home on a scale of 1–10, what would you rate it? Why?


Inside your home:

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you really want? Does your home already have enough?

  • Do you have a new need that your current home couldn’t accommodate? (e.g. a home office, mudroom, workout space, extra room for homeschooling the kids, etc.)

  • Do you have enough storage space?

  • Do you prefer to have more natural light, or is your place already well-lit?

  • Are you happy with your kitchen? Is it updated and spacious enough? Since dining out is not an option because of the virus, you’re probably cooking meals more often. The kitchen is the heart of the home after all, so its size and layout is also important.

  • Are you satisfied with the fixtures and finishes? 


Outside your home:

  • Is there an architectural style you prefer?

  • Do you have an outdoor space? If so, do you love spending time there, especially now that we have limited exposure outside?

  • Is there anything that needs to be improved in your home’s curb appeal?

  • Do you enjoy taking care of the yard or is it already too much to handle?

  • Is your garage adequate?

  • What other features you don’t have right now would you love to have? (e.g. pool, firepit, etc.)

  • How about the home’s upkeep? How much time and effort does it take to maintain your current place? 


Your neighborhood:

  • Are you happy with your neighborhood? 

Have you also thought about how your neighborhood handled the pandemic? Was there community involvement? This health crisis is bringing out the best (and worst) in every one of us. Many would want to be in a neighborhood where people take care of each other, sharing necessities like meals, toilet paper, sanitizers, groceries, and others. Some neighborhoods are even putting back their Christmas lights as a distraction for kids and as a sign of hope in this particularly dark time. Don’t only think about your dream home, but also the kind of community you’d want to be in.

  • How far do you have to travel for basic necessities, such as going to the grocery store or to the doctor for medical appointments? 

Also, think about the neighborhood walkability, nearby parks, gardens, facilities, and other activities.

  • Are you satisfied with your commute? 

Despite the pandemic forcing many of us to work from home instead of going to the office, accessibility to transit networks is still important when choosing your next neighborhood.

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