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New Buyer Client

New Buyer Client

  • By jandl_ardors
  • 01 Mar, 2023

New Buyer Questionnaire

Here at the J & L Real Estate Group, we strive to create the best client experience possible. We don’t just work for a commission – we want to make sure that our clients are making the best possible real estate decision and also being wowed by our attention to detail and always being available when you need us.

Our service to you does not end at the end of this purchase or sale. We see you as a client for life. All our agents and specialists work as a team, meaning that when you’re a client with one of our agents, you’re a client with all of us! You can have peace of mind that no matter what the case, someone from the J & L Real Estate Group has your best interests at heart and will make sure you’re take care of.




Are you married?

Spouse’s birthday (if applicable)

Any pets?

Currently I am…

If you’re selling your current home, must you sell your home before buying?


Phone Number

How do you preferred we communicate with you?

Have you spoken to a lender?

Property Requirements

Property Details

What are the top 3 factors that will influence your view of a property POSITIVELY?

What are the top 3 factors that will influence your view of a property NEGATIVELY?

At the end of this process, we’re going to ask you to give us a 5 star review via a few different platforms. In fact, this is a very important piece for us as we strive to have an excellent online presence in a day in age where online reviews matter. If you are willing to do this, we would greatly appreciate it. If at anytime during this process we are not giving you 5 star service, we hope that you will communicate that with us.

Will you give us a review?

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